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SEASONS SKIING / SNOWBOARDING Every season since 1987! Full time since 2000.
FAVOURITE PLACE Anywhere with my little family
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A proud husband and father, Alan is naturally empathic and genuinely cares about other people. This foundation is key to providing the perfect fundamentals to build wonderful services and delightful experiences for all Sunshine World guests.

Born in Paris, France, Alan grew up from three weeks onwards in and around South West London.

He attended the Roche Primary School, St. Osmond’s and Kingston Grammar School until age fifteen when he realised that although he loved many aspects of school, he would be better placed to pursue his dream of becoming a professional sports instructor if he moved to the mountains.

So, aged fifteen he moved to Whistler, Canada on his own for three months. During this time, he became the youngest ever (at the time) CASI 1 snowboard instructor to gain certification in British Columbia.

He went on, over the next four years, to pass his Stonebridge Academy of Lawn Tennis Coach B and subsequently Coach A licenses. Also his CSIA 1 Alpine Ski Instructor, CASI 2 Snowboard Instructor and BASI 3 Alpine Ski Instructor courses in various resorts worldwide including Whistler, Canada and Courchevel, France. He has trained through the ISIA courses with both BASI and the CSIA and has taken his CASI level 3 training also.

Due to his teaching experience and qualifications he was also awarded an exemption from the LTA Tennis Assistant Course in 2005. He is first aid trained by both St. Johns Ambulance and BASP (British Association of Ski Patrollers).

From age ten onwards his entrepreneurial parents helped and encouraged him to attend many business management courses which helped nurture the necessary confidence and skills to complement a deep enthusiasm which he held for organising challenging and pioneering ventures.

Alan founded Sunshine World on 3rd August 2005 with the aim of creating a tool that people can use to help create some of the most wonderful moments of their lives!

Since then Sunshine World has successfully delivered holidays to over 4,000 very happy guests and ten international journalists and our return guest and referral rate is at over 77%! He has also successfully helped train more than 70 young athletes to pass their official ski and snowboard instructor certifications around the world. Alan is the founder of 3Ryde clothing and the European Association of Professional Snowsport Instructors:

Above: Sunshine World’s Managing Director, Alan Garcia, qualified ski and snowboard pro since 2001/2002, proving that we’re not just a bunch of suits. Thanks to professional photographer Jarno Schurgers ( for taking these two shots!

At Sunshine World you can be sure that a dedicated team of passionate people will be working hard to help create the best possible holiday for you. Here is our team enjoying a day out in Krakow. Up to 1,000 people apply to us for jobs each year and we’re fortunate to be able to work with the very best.

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“I met Alan while writing an article for the Independent about skiing in Poland and can wholeheartedly recommend him as both a businessman and an individual. Simply put, he’s a great bloke with a great product – generous with his time and attention, keen to make sure everyone sampling his product is having a great time, straightforward, honest and hardworking. Oh, and he knows how to party, too! What’s not to like?”

Ross Young, Producer / Director, Freelance (was with another company when working with Alan at Sunshine World LTD)

“If you are after a tailored made holiday at a package price look no further than Sunshine World. Afterall your holidays are supposed to be the time when you shouldn’t have to worry. Alan Garcia is “the man”!!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Graham Allison (hired Alan as a Travel Agent in 2008)

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The Sunshine World Pro Team is proudly sponsored by 3Ryde

The Sunshine World Pro Team is proudly sponsored by 3Ryde

TJ Alty

NICKNAME Canada, Big cat
POSITION Pro Team Snowboard / Ski Instructor
D.O.B July 1990
HOMETOWN Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
FAVOURITE PLACE in my (imaginary) lovers arms ha ha ha

Growing up snowboarding was always just a dream to my buddies and I, some thing that we did when we had the chance but just like every Canadian kid our goal was the NHL, which made hockey priority. Now that I’ve grown up and gave up the dream riding is life and I’m absolutely loving it. Whether I’m on my board or my skis my motto is always the same go big or go home, well that and everybody wang chung tonight! My first proper season (where I actually worked on the slope), was in Lesotho in southern Africa. After landing that first job I knew exactly what I wanted to do at least for the next couple years, ride every day and now on my second working season here at Sunshine World, I’m loving every minute of it.

I love working with Sunshine World because they embody everything I’ve been brought up to believe in. Caring, loving and sharing everything you possibly can with the people around you, in a belief that everyone can and will have the best possible time (including yourself) if you stick to these principles. Not to mention everyone here at Sunshine World definitely knows how to party, when were not hard at work you’ll most certainly find us (if you can catch up) partying our pants off.

I look forward to seeing how far I can push my riding (especially freestyle), before I become to old and brittle. In the time between that and now I still have plenty to learn it’s a good thing I learnt early one of the best ways to learn is to teach others so naturally the best choice was to get my levels as an instructor and here I am now, on the slopes every day and LOVING LIFE, can’t wait to meet any of you who decided to come out and ride with us.