Women Who Wear High Heels Are Better at Skiing


by Alan Garcia CSIA & BASI Ski Instructor, CASI Snowboard Instructor, Managing Director of Sunshine World LTD And the higher and smaller the heel the better! Before I explain why I'll qualify my testimony a little first. I've been a pro snowboard instructor for over 11 years and a ski instructor over 10 years now. [...]

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Zakopane, Poland: skiing with divine guidance


Adrian Bridge heads into the Polish Tatras and enjoys a skiing holiday offering great value – and a few fresh challenges. Zakopane, Poland: skiing with divine guidance Article Zakopane, Poland: skiing with divine guidance originally published at telegraph.co.uk 8:00AM 31 Dec 2009 by Adrian Bridge It is not often that you get to [...]

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Zakopane, Poland


Zakopane, Poland Sam Baldwin guardian.co.uk, Friday November 21 2008 12.49 GMT The Polish zloty has continually weakened against sterling over the last three months, meaning an already cheap destination is even better value for Brits this season. Zakopane, Poland's winter capital and largest ski resort, is located in the Tatras Mountains - part of the [...]

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Snowboard Club UK (SCUK) Review Sunshine World Holidays in Poland


Posted Sunday 21st February 2010, 2:44 pm The time has come…winter is here... time to get all your kit out and try it all on, maybe even strap your board on in your lounge (we’ve all done it, haven’t we?!) and start dreaming of your immanent escape to the mountains. The problem is that given [...]

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Umag, Croatia for Tennis


"If there was a contest to find the European town with the most tennis courts per head of population, Umag might well win it, with a grand total of 85 courts at the disposal of 12,000 inhabitants (plus a few hotel's worth of visiting tourists) ..." ... find out about Umag and tennis in Croatia [...]

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Poland reveals its winter wonders


Ross Young, Independent Newspaper Saturday, 8 November 2008 "What happens now?" I asked. "Now we take a romantic sleigh ride together," replied Alan Garcia. I'd been in Zakopane for less than two hours and already I was a little nonplussed. I'd fully expected Poland's top ski resort to be a little less modern than its [...]

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