Rick Walls has arrived at the Sunshine Chalet! The most recent member of the Sunshine World Instructor Academy! Rick is a 22 year old buisiness graduate that fancied something a bit different! He spent last year as an outdoor activity instructor in Austrailia where he aquired his taste for adventure and travel.

Rick is a skier and had never skied before, a true beginner for Sunshine World to sculpt into a budding professional! With his love for the outdoors and his quirky personality, Rick is going to fit right in at the Sunshine World Chalet! With many weeks for skiing and partying in store for him, Rick is definitely going to have the time of his life!


Another Academy Student, Joe Marples, have arrived! Joe is a level 3 fitness instructor and was working last year in Cyprus as an activities coordinator. He is using the money he was saved from working to see a bit more of the world and enjoy a full season in the snow whilst learning to be an instructor! He is a skier but has never tried it before so everything he is experiencing is very new to him, having never been on a winter holiday before!

He is already coming along very nicely, he can perform basic parallel turns to an excellent standard and is already tackling red and black runs in his first week! Incredible! We are all looking forward to watching him develop his skiing and cannot wait to spend some more time with him partying this season! Yeah!