Come join us for a hot drink by the fire this winter

Having finally made it back to Zakopane it was time to get down to work for the summer season, but what we weren’t expecting was the amount of snow still on ski resort Szymoszkowa!

It was perfect, due to the resorts short proximity to our chalet we were able to walk there in no time. We spent our first couple of days working hard, and then off we went to trek up the mountain to build ourselves a little kicker to do some jumps and tricks off of. The snow which was still on the piste was decent, and there was surprisingly quite a lot meaning some great fun. All four of us (Joseph Marples, Alan Garcia, Greg Calcutt & TJ Alty) having all spent the two weeks beforehand back in sunny old England where there was definitely no snow were all like excited little children, and we couldn’t wait to get back on our boards.

Our first weekend back was an important weekend, not only was there the Royal wedding back in England but it was Polish holidays and Zakopane was holding a big jazz festival. This meant our Sunshine World chalet which is now a hostel for the summer season was completely full of guests, all of whom were a fantastic bunch and a great laugh to hang around with. The four days couldn’t have gone any better with everything running extremely smoothly, but most importantly the guests had really enjoyed their stay here which is what we aim to achieve and pride ourselves on.  All in all it was a great way to start off our summer season back here in Poland!

Until next time the Sunshine World Team hopes your summer starts as well as ours has.