Yes, Zakopane is Poland’s best ski resort by a country mile. What makes Zakopane so fantastic is largely due to size of the picturesque town itself: There is one of Poland’s largest (and brand new) Aquaparks, dozens of restaurants offering a full range of food from around the world and of course plenty of traditional “Goral” polish mountain food, 10 nightclubs and well over 30 bars to party the night away, 3 luxury spa hotels, over 10 3* hotels with pool and jacuzzi and sauna facilities, an ice rink, tennis courts, olympic swimming pool, paintballing battlefield in the trees, about 10 good snow mobiling and quad biking centres, 4 football pitches, 2 cinemas, 2 ten pin bowling centres, dozens of beauty salons and therapeutic massage parlors among much more to see and do and that’s without even mentioning skiing and snowboarding! We love Zakopane!