Holidays in Georgia with Sunshine World – 17 Day Tour

  • Georgia (11 day/12night)
  • Azerbaijan (2 day/2night),
  • Armenia (4 day/4 night).

Day I – Arrival to Tbilisi

  • Transfer to the Hotel. Check-in at hotel

Sightseeing in old Tbilisi:

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Fortress Narikhala the 4th – 20th cc main citadel of the city;
  • The Asian-type coloring baths built on the hot sulfur springs – a favorite place of Tbilisi citizens and foreign guests (A. Pushkin, A. Duma, A. Tolstoy);
  • Big Synagogue;
  • Lunch with Tbilisi city cuisine (Acharuli Khachapuri) –one of the delicious food;
  • Metechi
  • Sioni Cathedral
  • Ethnography, history and archaeology museum focusing on traditions and cultural diversity among different regions of Georgia;
  • Walking tour in Rustaveli avenue;
  • Welcome dinner in traditional Georgian restaurant with food and wine tasting.
  • Overnight in Tbilisi;

Day II – Tbilisi – Kazbegi (150 km)

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Mtskheta (30 km ) – ancient capital of Georgia. On the top of the hill, with amazing view conjunction of two rivers. Historical places:
  • Jvari – cross-shaped (6th century)
  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th century) the biggest Christian temple in Georgia – was erected in the in the same place where the first Christian church in Georgia stood in the 4th c. A sacred place where the robe of Christ is being kept – both Monastery are UNESCO World Heritage sites;
  • Lunch with Kartli region cuisine (Bean, cheese and mchadi, leek);
  • Shio-Mgvime Monastery – The monastery (Georgian: Shiomghvime, literally meaning “the cave of Shio”) is a medieval monastic complex in Georgia, near the town of Mtskheta. It is located in a narrow limestone canyon on the northern bank of the river Mtkvari (Kura), some 30 km from Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital.
  • Dinner / Free time.
  • Overnight in Kazbegi

Day III – Kazbegi – Gori (200 km)

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Kazbegi (160km from Tbilisi ) – a small town nestled among Great Caucasus Mountains (5047m), According to the legend Prometheus was chained on the mount Kazbek. We’ll drive up to Gergeti Trinity Church14th.c. trinity church (350m, 2 km), The church is situated at an elevation of 2170 meters, under Mount Kazbegi,
  • Short stop at Ananuri Fortress.
  • Lunch with Kartli region cuisine in local restaurant;
  • Gori – the heart of Kartli region. Photo stop at Stalin’s house and statue;
  • Uplistsikhe ancient cave town – museum (1st millennium BC). – Uplistsikhe in translation Fortress of God;
  • Dinar Free..
  • overnight – Gori

Day IV – Gori – Akalcikhe (130 km)

  • Borjomi mineral springs were discovered more than thousands years ago. This fact is confirmed by 7 stone bath-tubs found at the beginning of 20th century and dated to beginning of the 1st millennium A.D. Evidently, at those times water was used for bathing and not for drinking. Afterwards the springs remained forgotten for a long time, and places of their local at stayed deserted . .
  • Lunch with Borjomi region cuisine in local restaurant;
  • Wardzia- Vardzia rock- cut town complex founded 12 th. – 13 th. CC Golden Age period during the reign of Queen Tamar. there is – well fortified monastery with 600apartments, 28 wine-houses, 15 churches, library, storeroom of medicines, important political, cultural, educational and spiritual center of the country.
  • Dinar Free.
  • Overnight in Akalcikhe hotel .

Day V – Akalcikhe – Kutaisi (190 km)

one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of Georgia. Once being the capital of the ancient kingdom Kutaisi has contributed much into the process of Georgian unification. According to the legend Kutaisi/Aia was the final destination of the Argonauts and the residence of King Ayetes. Even though the Golden Fleece was taken from here to Gr

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Lunch in Kutaisi local restaurant;
  • Bagrati 10- 11 th cc church of the Assumption of the Virgin was built by King Bagrat III in Kutaisi, in 1003 AD. It is a marvelous example of domed-church architecture with impressive examples of stone carving. Situated on the top of the hill, it was an ancient citadel, a royal palace and one of the most important castles from 6th to 17th c. nowadays it’s distinguished for its elegant proportions, grand size, facade composition, ornaments and relief carvings and included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, being one of the main tourist attractions.
  • Sataflia – State Nature unique Reserve skillfully hidden in the mountains and contains geologic, paleontological, speleological and botanical monuments.Located at 500 m. above sea level the Sataplia Mountain is famous for its rarest and the most beautiful caves. the underground small river, stalactites and stalagmites and the Dinosaur Plateau with real traces of ancient reptiles printed in huge stones At the moment there are 200 dinosaur footprints known, found in two different layers of the Cretaceous limestone.
  • Dinar Free.
  • Overnight in Kutaisi

Day VI–Kutaisi – Mestia – 225 km

a region famous for itsnatural beautyon the background of the highest mountains of the Caucasus. Jeeps trip, stop near the world’s highest damothe river Enguri (271m), Ushguli-a village situated on the 2200m, famous for its defensive towers built right next to homes. Svaneti lies high up in the Greater Caucasus mountain on southern slopes. Deep river gorges, narrow paths, incredible beauty of giant mountains, stone houses, richly frescoed churches and local charm of lovely communities, where traditions have been preserved for thousand years, make this area unforgettably. N.B. In high rainy days the road the road to Mestia is closed.

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Mestia –tiny capital of svaneti were each house is attached to a medieval watch-tower – fortress. A number of buildings are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Lunch in local restaurant.
  • Historical and ethnological museum which houses manuscripts from the 10th and 12th centuries, religious tracts from the 9th-11th centuries, icons, metal and other artifacts of the 14th -16th centuries, gold coins of the antique and late antique periods, and several Bronze Age treasures.
  • Dinar Free.
  • Overnight in Mestia

Day VII Mestia – Batumi – (280 km) relax time

Batumi one of the oldest cities in Georgia and inhabited from as early as the third century BC. Batumi is mentioned by Greek and Roman sources as one of the Black Sea’s principal ports. It is filled with all shades of green in all seasons

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Lunch, in Batumi Restourant
  • Dinar Free.
  • Overnight In Batumi

Day VIII Batumi – Signagi (500 km)

  • Breakfast in Batumi Hotel;
  • Ubisa is a small village and a medieval monastic complex in Georgia, particularly in the region Imereti, some 25 km from the town Kharagauli.The monastic complex of Ubisi comprises a 9th-century St. George’s Monastery founded by St. Gregory of Khandzta, a 4-floor tower (AD 1141), fragments of a 12th-century defensive wall and several other buildings and structures. The monastery is also known for its honey made by the monks.
  • Lunch in Imereti region.
  • Dinner free – Mckheta restaurant.
  • Sighnaghi (18th.c) fortified town have a walk in narrow streets surrounded by the defensive walls with 23 towers. Here was a place where Georgian King used to gain the army before the battle. Visit local traditional bazaar to see carpets and souvenirs;
  • At Night Romantic walk in night Signagi;
  • Overnight in Sighnaghi;

DAY IX Sighnaghi – Kvareli – Lagotekhi (150 km)

  • Breakfast at the Hotel;
  • Nekresi Monastery complex the 4th.c church which is one of the oldest in Georgia, the wine-cellar, the refectory, the bishop’s palace and the 16th century tower;
  • Town Qvareli Sightseeing and a visit to wine corporation “ Kindzmarauli“ where one of the famous Georgian wines is produced ;
  • Lunch at restaurant with Georgian food and wine;
  • Lagodekhy park
  • Dinar .
  • Overnight in Lagodekhi

Day X – Lagodekhi national park;

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Horses tour,
  • waterfalls,
  • picnic
  • Farewell dinner at Lagodekhi Restourant.
  • Picnic in a Mountain at 1:OO . Come back from maintain and farewell gala dinner at restaurant at 17 : OO with wine- two glass (o,4 Lit) for each persons ( this two meal is in a Budjet)
  • Overnight in Lagodekhi

Day XI Azerbaijan Tour

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • at 09:00 a.m. by Azerbaijan time and 08:00 a.m. by Georgian time meeting on the Lagodekhi-Balakan boarder.
  • Transfer to Baku through Sheki. 11:00-11:30 a.m. arrival in Sheki. At first 30 minute visiting Sheki bazaar. Then visiting 18th century Khan’s summer palace with magnificent frescos (one 24 m long) and exquisite stained glass work also visit Sheki History museum with artifacts from several periods, but notorious for pieces relating to manufacturing and trade. They also visit on this day the work-shops where make Azerbaijan musical instruments and exquisite stained glass name Shabaka.
  • Then visiting18th century “Yuhari Karavansaray”, the hotel which was used by Great Silk Route travelers on their way to Europe.
  • visiting 18th century Friday Mosque.
  • After finishing tour in Sheki lunch in one of local restaurants in Sheki with tasty national food
  • 14:00 p.m. start the way to Baku.
  • 20:00 p.m. arrival in Baku. Dinner in local restaurants of Baku with tasty national food. After the dinner start the way to Boyuk Gala Hotel.

Day XII Azerbaijan Tour

  • Breakfast at the Hotel. at 09:00 a.m. start the way to Şəhidlər Xiyabanı Hill with a panoramic view of Baku and Baku bay. Then visiting Historical reserve in Qala – participating in crafts, bread baking, looking after the camels, taking pictures in traditional clothing.
  • Then visiting Əmircan mosque, Temple of Fire “Atəşgah” in Suraxani, Twelfth-century castle in Mərdəkan and Yanar Dag (Burning Mountain).
  • After finishing this tour at 14:00 start the way to the center of Baku. Arrange the lunch. After the lunch start the walking tour in Old City. Visiting Schirwanshahov palace, virgin tower,14-15 centuries Karavan Sarays, Friday Mosque and carpet shops.
  • After finishing walking tour in Old City go to the Boulevard and arrange by public evening boat tour around the bay Baku.
  • After it arrange farewell dinner in Baku in one of local restaurants in Boulevard. After dinner come back to Boyuk Gala Hotel


  • check out at 08:30-09:00 a.m. start the way again to Lagodekhi-Balakan boarder.
  • Within the way to boarder at first they will visit very interesting village in Ismayilly named Lagich.

    at 14:00 p.m. arrival there. At first arrange the lunch in one of private houses there with tasty national food.

  • After the lunch start tour there. Visiting 18 century bathhouse, local museum, two 19 centuries mosques, craftsmen workshops and small carpet factory.
  • After finishing tour there is about 16.00 start the way to boarder. At 20:00 p.m. arrival on the border.
  • dinner at Georgia traditional restaurant.

Day XIV Armenian Tour

  • Transfer from Lagodexi Hotel to Armenian border.
  • Bagratasnen border-Haghpat-Sanahin-Dilijan: Meeting at the Bagratashen border with guide and driver (30-45 minutes max. with visas and passport control) in the morning. Meeting time at the border 10:00 by Georgian time. After crossing the Armenian-Georgian border way to Lori.
  • Visit to Mining and industrial city Alaverdi: Alaverdi is a mining and industrial city located at the bottom of the Debed River gorge, in the northeastern part of the Lori, not far from the border with Georgia.Visit to medieval monastic complexes of Haghpat (10th-13th c.) and Sanahin (10th-13th c.) described as a “masterpieces of religious architecture and a major educational center in the Middle Ages,” which are placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  • Traditional lunch during the tour in Alaverdi.
  • Way to Dilijan. Welcome dinner and overnight at the hotel in Dilijan.yerevan

Day XV Old Dilijan-Haghartsin-Goshavank-Lake Sevan

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Visit to Old Dilijan. Dilijan is a famous resort with fresh air and evergreen forests. Sharambeyan Street near the bus stop has been preserved and maintained as “Old Dilijan,” complete with craftsman workshops, a gallery and a museum.
  • Then drive to Haghartsin Monastery (10th -13th c.) hidden in a grove of ancient trees high up in the mountains.
  • Visit to Goshavank monastery, which was founded by Mkhitar Gosh, the Armenian scientist, chronologist, fabulist and author of the first code of law. There are excellent examples of memorial khachkars (cross stones) on the site, the best of them being one carved by the master craftsman Poghos.
  • Way to Gegharkunik region.
  • Visit to lake Sevan, a wonder of nature, which is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world. The lake was at an altitude of 1,950 m above sea level. Sevan is famous for its different kinds of fish, particular for ishkhan, which means “princely fish.”
  • Visit to Sevanavank monastery (9th c.), located on a peninsula.
  • Traditional lunch near lake Sevan. Tasting the fish of Sevan and the famous Armenian pakhlava.
  • Way to Yerevan.
  • Dinner free.
  • Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.Sevan-Lake

Day XVI – Yerevan city Tour-Echmiadzin-Zvartnots

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Yerevan City Tour by bus: Panoramic view of Yerevan, Republic Square, Opera House, Parliament, National Academy of Sciences, Presidential Palace, Lovers Park. Visit to Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial of Tsitsernakaberd. Visit to Matenadaran Ancient Manuscript Repository holding 17,000 manuscripts, among them ancient and medieval Armenian documents of science and culture.
  • Way to Armavir region. Visit to St. Hripsime Church (7thc.)- one of the magnificent examples of Classical Armenian architecture. Its central dome is a specimen of architectural perfection. Then visit to St. Echmiadzin Cathedral (founded at the beginning of the 4th c.) – The spiritual centre of Armenian Apostolic church.
  • On the way back visit to Zvartnots Cathedral (7 th c.) which is of extreme architectural value.
  • Traditional lunch during the tour in Echmiadzin.
  • Return to Yerevan.
  • Dinner free.
  • Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.20363324

Day XVII Yerevan-Gheghard-Garni-Yerevan

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Way to Kotayk region.On the road to Geghard visit of Charents Arch for a wonderful view of Biblical Ararat Mountain.
  • Visit to Geghard monastery (12th -13th c.) which is included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Geghard monastery is one of the masterpieces of 13th century Armenian architecture. Some of the churches of the complex are masterfully carved within a huge ledge.
  • Spiritual Song concert in Geghard.
  • Visit to the pagan temple of Garni. It is the only temple that remains as a testament to Armenian pagan culture. It was built in the first century AD by order of King Trdat I. The temple is a blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles. From the temple, you can enjoy also the beautiful view of the Symphony of Stones of Azat canyon.
  • Traditional lunch in Garni village-watching “lavash”(Armenian bread) baking and tasting it.
  • Return to Yerevan.
  • Farewell dinner at Armenian traditional restaurant with folk music.
  • Overnight at the hotel.

Day XVIII – Transfer to the airport. Departure.



Where group is up to 6 persons

Georgia, (11 day/12 night) – FROM $1,710*/person

Armenia , (4 day/4 night) – FROM $577*/person

Azerbaidjan – FROM $632*/person

TOTAL FROM $2919*/person

Where group is 7 to 10 persons

Georgia, (11 day/12night) – FROM $1,471*/person

Armenia , (4 day/4 night) – FROM $522*/person

Azerbaidjan – FROM $557*/person

TOTAL FROM $2550*/person

Where group is 11 to 14 persons

Georgia, (11 day/12night) – FROM $1,386*/person

Armenia , (4 day/4 night) – FROM $496*/person

Azerbaidjan – FROM $550*/person

TOTAL FROM $2432*/person

The price of the tour includes:

  • Hotels *** accommodation
  • Two meals (breakfast, lunch)
  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Transportation services In Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia;
  • Welcome and Farewell dinner In Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia;
  • Guide services

Prices do not include:

  • Air tickets
  • Single supplementary rooms
  • Cost for Visa in Azerbaijan and Armenia
  • Insurance
  • Cost for horses
  • Other services at the hotel (telephone, mini-bar, internet etc)

* All prices are Sunshine World International’s own prices and we reserve the right to change them at any time