We always hear so much about skiing and ski holidays but what about us snowboarders? Thankfully long gone are the days when snowboarders had to climb the slopes on foot (as snowboarding was not allowed in the main ski resorts when the sport first came onto the scene!).

Snowboarding is now a recognised Olympic sport and has been generally accepted as a respectable sport by people of all ages and walks of life. We are proud to offer the highest standards of professional snowboard instruction for everyone from 6 years old to 86 (our oldest ever snowboarder!).

Snowboarding with Sunshine WorldWe offer snowboard coaching from first-time beginner to beyond instructor standard! Look out for our Freestyle snowboarding courses which will help YOU to safely learn how to hit jumps, grind rails, bust out “sick” grabs (dude!) and even start spinning 180s, 360s and maybe one day 540s and 720s (not easy!).

Snowboards back at the ChaletThese days we have now seen the development of actual snowboarding resorts- in the sense that they are more snowboarder and Free-skier friendly than “regular” skier orientated: Resorts with plenty of jumps, rails, half pipes, quarter pipes, wall rides and all manner of crazy apparatus for adrenalin junkies (and show offs) to try their best not to kill themselves on.

At Sunshine World we know the best and worst places to go but importantly we can help ensure you don’t make career ending mistakes by hitting the wrong obstacles BEFORE you’re truly ready. Although complete safety is impossible to guarantee while performing these dangerous manoeuvres our professional snowboard coaches are excellent at creating a safe and tailored to you learning environment so that we can minimise injuries and maximise YOUR progression and enjoyment. Ok, we’ve been talking a fair amount about Freestyle but isn’t there more to snowboarding than that? You bet there is! Snowboarders can hit all the same terrain that is possible on skis- steeps, bumps, groomed slopes and of course the legendary, magnificent, much-dreamed of DEEP POWDER SNOW!

Sunshine World MD in snowboarding competition at 2011 Kia Snowcup
Sunshine World MD in snowboarding competition at 2011 Kia Snowcup

We can create the perfected tailored holiday for you and your friends and even if you had a traditional family ski holiday planned you may find that your teens or younger children (or maybe even YOU or your partner) would like to take up snowboarding- with Sunshine World you can easily “mix” your group to have some skiers and some snowboarders and all YOU have to do is tell us how many of each will be coming and we’ll organise ALL the essentials!


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Snowboarder at KIA Snowcup competition in 2011

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