Day 1

Arrival in Yerevan, transfer from the airport to the hotel and accommodation. Breakfast. In the morning: Museum of History with a rich collection. Lunch. In the afternoon: City tour of Yerevan: Republic Square, Mashdots Avenue, Bagramian Avenue, Palace of the President, the Parliament, the University, Monuments to Vardan Mamigonian, David of Sassoun, Mother Armenia, the Cascade, St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Temple, a monument to Alexander Tamanyan, Opera House.. Welcoming dinner in restaurant.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel. Morning: Visit to Tsitsernakaberd: 1915 Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex and Museum. Drive to Echmiadzin the spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolik Church. Visit the Mother see of Echmiadzin. Visiting St. Ripsime and St. Gayane of 7th century.

Lunch in typical restaurant. Stopover at the ruins of the phenomenal Zvartnots Cathedral on back way. Return to Erevan.

Day 3

Breakfast. Visit to Khor Virap Monastery sits on the Ararat Valley south of the capital and is utterly dwarfed by Mount Ararat, considerate holy for Armenian people. This is the proud site of Armenia’s adoption of Christianity in around 301 A.D.” It is the place where the man responsible for Armenia’s religious renaissance St. Gregory the Illuminator was reportedly thrown into one (at Khor Virab) as a punishment from the pagan king, Trdat III. Lunch at Noravank. The tour will continue following Noravank Monastery and Areni, where you can taste vineyard.

Day 4

Breakfast. Departure for the village Khndzoresk, panoramic view of the cave fortress “Old Khndzoresk.” Then tour continues to Stepanakert. Excursion to the city of Stepanakert.

Day 5

Breakfast. Departure for the Mardakert district of NKR in the village of Vank on the left bank of the river Khachen. Tour of the Gandzasar monastery – the residence of Gandzasar (Agvan) Catholicos (XIII-XIX cc.), Cultural and spiritual center of Artsakh Armenians, the center of the national liberation struggle against the Iranian and Ottoman invaders. Inspection of Church of St. Hovhannes (St. John, XIII cent.) – One of the seven wonders of Armenian architecture. On the monastery grounds offering magnificent views of the river gorge Khachen. Then visit the fortress Askeran (Mayraberd). Return to Stepanakert.

Day 6

Departure for Shushi, which is the cultural center of the Caucasian Armenians. Inspection of Church of St. Amenaprkich (XIX cent.) – Cathedral of the Artsakh Diocese of AAC. Visit to the city Tigranakert. Dinner and overnight in Stepanakert.

Day 7

Departure for marz Syunik, stopover on the bridge Satani Kamurj (Devil’s Bridge).

Excursion to the monastery Tatevivank (IX-XVIIvv.) – the cultural and spiritual center of medieval Armenia, known for its university (XIV-XVvv.), inspirer of the national liberation struggle against Syunik Armenians in Iran and the Ottoman invaders (XVIIIv.). Then visit Zorats Karer (Karahunge, VI millennium BC). Dinner and overnight in Sisian.

Day 8

Breakfast. Stopover at Selim Pass, then a trip to Noratus – a huge cemetery, where you can see the cross-stones of 11 to the 20th century. Noratus is one of the most impressive places in Armenia. On the road stopover at Lake Sevan, visit the monasteries on the Peninsula. Dinner and overnight in Sevan.

Day 9

Departure for Dilijan. Visit the Monastery Haghartsin. Then visit the monastery Goshavank (XII-XIV centuries.). Dinner and overnight in Dilijan.

Day 10

Breakfast. Visit to the monastery of Sanahin and Haghpat – two outstanding monuments of medieval Armenian architecture ensemble X-XIV centuries., Centers of religious, spiritual and cultural life of the kingdom Kyurikidov (X-XII cc.) And of medieval Armenia. Then acquaintance with the great monuments of Armenian architecture of VI. – Odzunskoy dome basilica St. Hovhannes.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Alaverdi.

Day 11

Breakfast. Departure for Tsakhkadzor. Walk to familiarize with the surroundings. Then free time to visit the monastery Kecharisskogo (16.), Where you can meet with the Armenian medieval architecture. Then visiting Aghveran. Free day in Agveran.

Day 12

Breakfast. Departure for Oshakan and visit the Church of St. Mashtots, (founder of the Armenian alphabet). Visit the slopes of Mount Aragats. Tour continues around Ashtarak, where you can see the churches of Karmravor and Saghmosavank and the gorgeous Amberd Fortress that you can go by crossing a stunning canyon.

Day 13

Breakfast. Visit to the Garni Pagan Temple (1st c. B.C.) and Geghard Monastery (10th-13th) situated within a solid rock; behind the main church, there is another chapel, which has an incredible acoustics. Return to Erevan.

Day 14

Breakfast. Visit Vernissage – exhibitions – sales of products of craftsmen, then visiting the museum of world famous film director Sergei Paradjanov. The museum exposition is composed of more than 250 works. Free day in Yerevan. In the evening farewell dinner.

Day 15

Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Yerevan.