… Well not quite but just as good BACK HOME TO POLAND!!!

So our riding season has finally come to an end and most of us have all gone home to our same old boring routines (life with out Sunshine World) that is everyone except the lucky few who made it back to Poland for a summer of fun, Greg Calcutt, Joseph Marples, Alan Garcia and my self who just rounded off one of the sickest road trips to date.

To start our road trip off on the right foot we all met up in London on the 23rd of April for a little pre-party, it just so happened to be Alan’s sister’s birthday, which was perfect timing because nothing but a good ol’ fashion rug cutter of a party could ensue from that (and that it did), but before meeting up with Alan at his sister’s shin dig, Greg, Joe and I met up for a couple of wobbly pops, while sitting down enjoying our drinks in a traditional free house we were Mad Party in the London Clubssuddenly joined by “NO JOKE” the Access Hollywood hosts from America, Billy Bush and Kit Hoover (for those of you who don’t know Billy Bush is George Bush’s cousin and combined they are the number one holly wood talk show hosts) AND WE GOTTA DRINK TEQUILA WITH THEM, not only that but Billy Bush called me his son (for some reason or another) which may not seam fascinating to everyone but to those who took in the winter season with us, know that I was often referred to as TJ Bush (due to the very very slight resemblances that SOME people may see in us), anyway as exciting as that was the rest of the night was probably as good if not better. After getting our full fix of the London club nightlife we settled down at Alan’s sister’s home for some late night relaxation and drinks.
Woke up the next day (I say next day but really we only went to bed at 8:00 that morning) to a brilliantly sunny afternoon a quick jump in the pool and a dead dog roll over in the sun, some friendly afternoon banter and pizza. A few hours later van packed and we were ready to rock and roll straight to the ferry that took us across to the Netherlands and our awaiting camping adventure. The ferry ride was a pleasant one meeting and greeting many different folks and talking into the early hours of the night, woke up to a sunny Dutch day a short three hour drive to our campsite just on the edges of Amsterdam.
Sunshine World Crew, keeping it real in AmsterdamAmsterdam what can I say the city of dreams (dreaming?). What a party it was though, for me the best part was definitely the camping I mean what more could you want then taking in all that Amsterdam has to offer under a warm summers sun surrounded by sea water and hundreds of young campers, all of which seamed to be doing the exact same as us. Making friends was easy as meeting people is like breathing (second nature) to Alan not to mention certain rules in place to keep us ambitious about meeting people, the whole placed was like a family reunion by day 2. Yet there was still more to Amsterdam then the amazing camping we also explored the town (for the second time this season) going on some nutty rides that took us well high (see what I mean http://www.youtube.com/user/sunshineworldvideo#p/u/13/52Oxyln9tro ) , we had some good night fun hitting the clubs in Amsterdam where things have a tendency to get saucy especially when they come in 3’s as some of us may know better then others.

From Amsterdam it was only a short journey away to our next stop in Germany in a small unheard and most likely rarely visited (or so it seemed) village, where they were all very intrigued as we rocked up blaring the tunes in our Pro-team van. From what we could gather we were probably the first and last guests this town had seen in many The view from Al's Bed, lake, forests....beautyyears! Tourist information as it would be was unheard of and most peoples English was not abundant (friendly, yes helpful…another story all together), luckily from the road we had spotted a beautiful looking lake, so we found a back lane settled our selves down and set up for the night. Some how by some divine grace we had managed to park beside an old scrap woodpile, with that in mind imagine the chances of us sticking to our once planned small charcoal BBQ, just wouldn’t cut it. So the fire blazed on as did we for the rest of the night, exploring German shooters  (check it out here http://www.youtube.com/user/sunshineworldvideo#p/u/10/7ZWexvKESs0 ) and sausages. All round solid night and to wake up in a beautiful forest, lakeside was worth the experience in it self.

That last night summed up our road trip then an there as it was just one last push from there to Poland and our home in Zakopane. It was a lovely trip but as amazing of a time that we had, it was nice to be back home, in our own cozy, warm, comfortable chalet beds. As they say “alls well that ends well”, till next time,
peace and love from the Sunshine World Crew!!!