Today is a glorious day, the Sunshine World Team welcomes an Academy member all the way from the Sunshine Coast, Austrailia! Brett Machin is our newest arrival, another member of our snowboard instructor academy. Brett had been snowboarding for only 5 days before joining the academy at Coronet Peak, New Zealand, and is already tearing up the slopes with some mad skills!

Before booking with us Brett was working in construction, specialising in concreting, and, due to the current weather (rain, rain, rain!) in Austrailia has not been able to get much work recently. Having saved up some money Brett decided he wanted to see some more of the world and why not have some fun at the same time? Following his budding passion for snowboarding and the seasonaires lifestyle, Brett did some research on the internet and found out about Sunshine World! It did not take long before he had booked the experience of a lifetime and was on his way to party with the Sunshine World Team!

It’s going to be awesome having Brett in the Chalet, not only does his accent brighten up all our days but he is a legend on a night out – his antics have been large and hilarious in the short time we have known him so far. We cannot wait for the rest of the good times we are sure to enjoy together! Brett is going to make an awesome snowboard instructor and soon enough his skills will equal his hair in awesomness!