Dear Sunshine People,

We figured it was about time that we created a news page to keep you up to date with the latest exciting, or just plain silly, developments at Sunshine World here in Zakopane, Poland.

As this is our first posting I feel it’s a nice opportunity to let you know what’s been happening lately. Well first of all we’ve now completed every stage of our brand new office which is located in our lovely chalet in Zakopane so we now have a firm base in both London and in Poland. We have a new office team comprising of the lovely Kasia Stalowska, Karolina Szydzik and then there’s me, Alan, who if you know Sunshine World already you’ve already heard far too much about and if you don’t know Sunshine World yet there’s plenty of time to get to know each other. I do have a tendency to ramble on and drift off subject. Like now! The nice thing which I’ve just realised about our new news section is that it doesn’t matter if I begin to babble on this page because it will soon end up at the bottom of a long stream of posts and will be rarely read by anyone. For now, while people are still reading, I’m sure you don’t mind this unprofessional babbling TOO much while this is at the top of our news page. Hmm. If you’re still reading now I’m most surprised!

Ok back to the subject at hand, our new polish office is go go go and we’re busy putting together our best ever season (this will be our 4th consecutive season organising the best skiing and snowboarding holidays Zakopane has ever seen- Of course my opinion is as biassed as can be but I feel I am fair in my assessment. Our past guests have been wonderful in their kind comments which you can read on our testimonials page giving at least some credibility to my biassed-ness). Oops another ramble off topic! This page is great fun! I can’t usually write like this on the rest of our website or I don’t think anyone would ever book a holiday with us!

Anyway that’s more than enough from me for quite a while, although no doubt I’ll plague the page with more fairly useless babble soon. If you are still reading many thanks and please do get in touch ANY time and we’ll be delighted to help you put together a wonderful, full service, fully tailored ski holiday or snowboard holiday this winter!